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Consulting Services

TT Integrated

TT integrated provides a broad range of consulting services specifically designed to help you meet your strategic goals. Our team of consultants and industry experts are committed to developing solutions and strategies that will enable you to improve profitability, reduce costs, and achieve critical policy objectives. With our partners we serve the following industries: [table “1” not found /]

We offer various Services, we are also a reseller company with a presence in the European continent and the West African Region. We specialise in tourism consultancy,   supply of hardware and services for the POS, Auto ID and Mobile market sectors and these products provide POS and EPOS solutions for the following industries: Retail: Point-of-sale receipt printing, portable receipt printing, shelf-edge labelling, price markdown. Hospitality & Leisure: Receipting, kitchen printing and ticketing for bars, stadiums, clubs, hotels, restaurants and bars; portable & non-portable printing. Banking: Slip printing, printing balance receipts, cheque validation. Healthcare & Pharmacy: Pharmacy labelling, wristband printing, patient tracking, sample labelling, drug dispensing, document tracking, RFID labelling and tagging. Utilities & Meter Readings: Meter reading, mobile receipt printing. Post & Parcel: Stamp printing, parcel labelling and bar coding, proof of delivery. Transport: Ticketing, parking violation fines, receipt printing. Warehouse & Storage Handling: Pallet labelling, shipping labels, goods tracking, returns labelling, RFID labelling and tagging.


Other Services: 1.Supply of renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass heaters . 2.Web designing, web hosting and management, SEO Internet Marketing 3.Offshore accounts, 4.Information Technology Services, 5.Import and Export of Agricultural products, Electrical and Motor parts.