Reality shows, comedies, and dramas to keep you company while you kick back.
Fall is drawing in, and with those cooler winds and earlier sunsets come some new additions to Netflix. You’re probably used to opening up the app whenever you’re in the mood to start a new show, but deciding on one can take up valuable bingeing time. Instead of scrolling aimlessly, check out our list of some of the best new shows that have arrived on Netflix over the past couple of weeks. Whether you’re in the mood for reality competitions, a thrilling heist, or an introspective drama, there’s something for you here.
The title pretty much says it all. This new Netflix reality competition show pits torch-wielding artists against each other to create some incredible and intricate metal showpieces. Comedian Jo Koy is the host.
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The sixth and final season of Lucifer, which Netflix rescued after it was canceled by Fox, is now streaming. The titular character is the Lucifer, as in the guy downstairs, who reinvents himself as Los Angeles nightclub owner who moonlights as a consultant for the LAPD. In addition to the series finale, Season 6 will include a highly anticipated animated episode.
Netflix’s social-media-themed reality competition show returns for a third season. And because every season features new contestants, you can hop right in (rather than dropping all at once, new episodes stream weekly) and join the conversation.
The Circle installs each of its cast members into their own solo apartment, from which they communicate with the rest of the group via the show’s social media channels. They can represent themselves however they like, meaning they can be totally honest, bend the truth a bit, or boldly catfish their competition, all in the hopes of not being voted out.
Actor and writer Julie Delpy (of the Before trilogy) created and co-stars in this drama about four women in their 40s who feel like they’ve traveled off-course and ended up in lives that don’t suit them. Decider says On the Verge “sort of feels like Girls if all the characters were twenty years older and in full midlife crisis mode,” which should give you an idea of whether this series is for you or not.
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Money Heist, titled La Casa de Papel in its native Spain, has become an international cult hit on Netflix. The show starts out with a team of strangers known only by their code names who are brought together to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Though it was originally meant to be a limited series about that one job, Money Heist became so popular that the story has expanded. The first part of Season 5, its actual final season, is on Netflix now.
Sean HayesDavid HarbourWanda Sykes, and Laurie Metcalf are among the voice cast of this animated adult comedy series about a group of LGBTQ spies. Tired of being underestimated, they embark on a mission to prove their worth, but they get saddled with a token straight agent (Harbour) in order to do it.
Another attempt to contextualize the Sept. 11 attacks in history on its 20th anniversary, this five-part documentary not only looks at the impact of the tragedy but also digs into the past, particularly that of Afghanistan, as well as the United States’ interests in the Middle East.
Champion bull rider Dale Brisby has brought the art of modern cowboy-ing to YouTube with his popular channel, Rodeo Time. In this Netflix reality show, set on his Radiator Ranch, he trains a group of new interns in roping, riding, and building an audience on Snapchat.
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