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Jan 15
Blogging is a profession that can make you millions or billions of dollars, and unlike any other business, it takes little to no money to start.
Whether you're writing on Medium or starting a personal/business blog, it’s always going to be the best way to make a decent amount of money (Requires less than $100/year initially to start).
Believe me, or not, I have already shared the proof above (Image). HuffPost makes over $500 million every year only because of blogging, content marketing, and everything that comes along with this.
But, it was neither easy, for them, nor would it be easy for you.
That’s the reason:
Making your first million dollars at Medium could be tough as compared to your own blog, but together they work like gems.
There are several ways, and I keep discussing many of them that really work, not because I’m saying this: I have seen 100s of success stories and learned from several times best seller book authors.
That’s the reason, I know and will love to share the exact method that works for me, you, and any other blogger.
To start your online business (Blog or writing services), you need to have a blog in any niche you prefer to write about.
In my case, I often talk about business, digital marking, web development, SEO, and the best ways to make money.
Though, there are many niches (categories) where you can write and build a successful online business.
Opportunities are endless, all you need is the right skills, strategies and mindset to build a profitable online business.
This post can help you build your very first blog website in less than 30 mins, provided you read and apply everything as shared.
Creating a blog website to make a million is just 20% of your struggle and there is nothing that makes you until you risk your life or dedicate your time with full intention.
Even if you take it as a side hotel and give it 1 to 2 hrs daily for the next 30 days, you can easily start to earn $5,000 to $50,000 every year.
That’s the reason, I am discussing this with you.
What I am today, is only because of blogging and writing.
In a good sense, I can say blogging is not that tough.
I have seen the hardships they you can't even imagine and that’s the reason I’m not here to bluff and check any of my posts. I often talk sensibly, which helps my readers.
For a blog or niche services website, you need to follow certain strategies to go viral and start making money from the very first day.
Even if you have a blog that can make millions for you, it needs fuel to keep the business going and profitable.
That’s web traffic (Audience, readers).
Not a signal blog can make money with traffic or readers on their blog/articles and that’s the reason we need it.
Your blog/articles need to rank in Google to get free traffic and readers. However, on Medium it’s quite easy but less profitable.
In just 24 hrs, my blog post ranked no #2 on Google for the search term “Local SEO Hack” which means this post will get 1000s of free traffic.
This is just one way to get free traffic. To write and rank your article in Google for free traffic, you can read the post given below.
Basically, SEO is the best way to drive free traffic.
In the nutshell, if you could read all the posts I have written until now about SEO, content marking and blogging, you could have better knowledge than 80% of bloggers/influencers.
Grow your business as fast as you are an expert. Apply these simple hacks to your blog (website).
I mean, only diversify your categories once your blog has a decent number of followers, at least in one niche.
Blogging is a well-known and highly accepted business vertical that has almost no risk but high earning potential.
You can start a blog for as low as $2.9/M yourself in the next 30 mins.
Your own blog could be more secure as compared to Medium as it will kick you off the platform if you are found violating any of the Medium policies.
Though, hiring a freelancer could be a little bit expensive. Being a freelancer, we sell our services at $300 to $500 to set up a professional blog that can scale tremendously.
About Author:
I’m a Freelancer, Blogger, SEO Expert And Web-Developer with 5+ years of experience and worked with 200+ clients across the globe.
This post is meant to be published in the “DDI” publication. We and our readers, and our followers abide by its policies.
Please follow me for more awesome articles; Mani Pathak.
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It’s time to take a leave.
Thanks for your valuable input.
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