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Online marketing has become a crucial strategy for creating a successful, competitive business. However, the vast array of digital marketing options and channels can feel overwhelming. What works for one company or industry may not work for your business
The secret to choosing the right digital marketing strategy is to understand your offerings and customers to aid you in developing a customized strategy for achieving specific marketing goals. We’ll explore the steps you should take to choose the right digital marketing strategy for your company and share more online marketing insights.
Did you know?Did you know? You can also increase in-store sales with online marketing by using digital activity, including social media posts, to influence offline sales.
A successful digital marketing strategy isn’t about trying the newest digital marketing trends or guessing what your customers want. Instead, it’s about data-backed insights. 
“The most successful marketers understand truly scalable digital marketing has transformed into people-based advertising, or knowing the exact message to give at the right time, on the right platform, to the right person,” said Jess Reilly, chief marketing officer at Rebel Interactive Group.
Choosing a digital marketing strategy includes building buyer personas, identifying your goals, choosing the right digital marketing tools, and assessing your strategy to ensure it’s working. 
Buyer personas are fictional characters representing archetypal consumers who might be attracted to your brand. These personas help you market your products and services to this demographic.
“Creating buyer personas will help you determine your marketing strategy by illuminating who your buyers are, the situations they are faced with and, most important, what goals the audience [is] attempting to accomplish to inform your messaging strategy,” Reilly said.
To build customer personas, consider the following information about your target customer:
Then, customize your strategy based on these details.
One way to get a handle on your target customer is by looking closely at your competitors and how they’re attempting to reach these buyers. Brett Prentiss, co-founder of Instinct Marketing, said his team looks at competitors’ landing pages, ad title tags, website structure and more. 
“Once we understand [these elements], we reverse-engineer their strategy, along with the business owners’ vision and our expertise, [and] something truly magical is created,” Prentiss said. “That magic simply works because it delivers results.”
TipTip: If you’re trying to understand a specific market’s pain points and desires, collect survey data online or via email or text to gather opinions and customer feedback.
What are your marketing strategy goals? For example, you may want to build brand awareness, increase product sales or attract a larger social following. Be specific about your goals to direct your efforts effectively. We’ll explore some specific examples.
Does your target customer buy only from reputable brands? Are they aware of your brand? Do they trust or have enough familiarity with it to make a purchase? 
If cultivating brand awareness and strengthening your company’s reputation are top priorities, concentrate on the following: 
Aside from using and monitoring hashtags and social media promotion engagement, a brand awareness campaign’s return on investment (ROI) is challenging to measure. Although you won’t be able to pinpoint every person who learned about your brand due to your efforts, building awareness is the first step in laying the foundation for a more extensive customer base. 
FYIFYI: Other ways to boost online awareness of your brand include creating a memorable logo, building an easy-to-navigate website and creating a successful podcast.
Sometimes, consumers don’t seek out your company because they don’t understand how your product or service can improve their lives. If this is the case, you may see low search volumes for your target keywords.
If you don’t have a problem with your sales process or website traffic, you may be experiencing a general lack of consumer awareness. If so, your digital marketing strategy goal would be to educate potential customers about a specific problem they encounter and then offer your solution. Here are some ways to do this: 
Sometimes faith in the brand isn’t enough. You must educate customers about what you do, how your offerings will benefit them and why your solution is better than their current one.
Did you know?Did you know? Building brand trust through video also helps improve your website’s search rankings. Video boosts the time visitors spend on your website and can enhance backlinks.
Traffic is a highly sought-after key performance indicator (KPI). With higher-quality traffic, you’ll usually generate more sales leads and actual sales, so it makes sense that most business owners see traffic as a priority.
If your primary goal is traffic, the best areas of focus include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and email marketing.
Did you know?Did you know? Utilizing some technical SEO tips can boost your website traffic. For example, use a reliable web host, and ensure fast page-load speeds.
If you have an expensive or complex product, it’s unreasonable to expect customers to buy it for the first time online. Instead, focus your efforts on generating leads that your sales team can pursue. 
Here are some tips for increasing leads: 
If you want to increase sales, you likely need to utilize email marketing strategically and boost traffic to your website landing page.  
TipTip: The best email marketing services can help you send personalized, custom campaigns to leads and customers and analyze your data to determine which elements were successful.
There are various marketing tools, including content marketing calendar templates, social networks and email marketing software. Each has specific advantages and purposes, so the right tools for you will depend on your goals.
“Every business has a different need or something they are lacking in,” Prentiss said. “That could be a lack of reviews, they’re ranking poorly on Google, or their website just really needs a redesign. Whatever the business needs are, they always require a different tool.”
Prioritize your goals and comb through your budget to determine your best investments. If you’re far away from a sale, use less-expensive tools (such as email and social media posts) because there will be a good amount of leakage in your sales funnel. You can always revisit and experiment with other tools on the market.
Auditing your digital marketing strategy involves determining what worked in the past, testing current strategies and figuring out what needs shifting.
Bottom LineBottom Line: If the cost per lead is more than what you’ll earn after closing the sale, your ROI is unsatisfactory and changes are in order.
Here are some of the most common digital marketing strategies: 
In addition to your business goals, factors such as your budget, resources and time will dictate your digital marketing strategy. 
Digital marketing is extremely relevant today, as many consumers have mobile devices and internet connections wherever they go. Creating a strategy to guide your digital marketing efforts is crucial. You must contend with various digital marketing factors, tools and platforms. It can be intimidating initially, but the process will be smoother if you craft a plan. 
“Having a digital marketing strategy in place before you embark on activity is paramount to the success of any campaigns that you may put in place,” said Trevor Nicholls, managing director of Klood Digital. “The old army adage of ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’ is as relevant to your marketing as it is in the military.”
Nicholls added that a written digital marketing plan is a working document that you and your team will use regularly. It’s not a one-and-done project you’ll never revisit; it’s a plan to guide and inform your marketing efforts.
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