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Merchants using the CommentSold platform can use Vizzlie to personalise and schedule posts and comments on social media platforms.
US-based advertising technology company CommentSold has acquired Vizzlie, a marketing message customisation and scheduling tool, for an undisclosed sum.
The acquisition will allow merchants using CommentSold’s advertising platform to personalise and schedule posts and comments on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
This is intended to help the merchants improve their relationships with customers by informing social media users of upcoming live-selling sessions, new product arrivals, promotions and other events.
They can also follow up with customers by sending personalised emails or text messages.
In addition, retailers can collaborate and share graphics and templates with their colleagues using the Vizzlie tool.
CommentSold founder and CEO Brandon Kruse said: “We are constantly seeking to provide our merchant partners with tools, technology and features that make their lives easier so they can focus on growing their revenue and connecting with their customers.
“We’re very pleased to be able to incorporate Vizzlie into our business to help our retail partners automate and simplify their marketing efforts.
“The tool saves valuable time for our CommentSold merchants by letting them customise and schedule push notifications, email campaigns, Facebook posts, text messages and other communications.”
Under the terms of the agreement, Vizzlie CEO Ryan Barnard will assume a senior leadership position at CommentSold.
Based in Huntsville, Alabama, CommentSold powers live and social selling for small and medium-sized retail businesses (SMBs) across social media platforms, retailers’ own websites and branded mobile apps.
The platform currently powers the e-commerce operations of more than 7,000 companies.
Vizzlie aims to help direct sellers and small business owners optimise their time by allowing them to schedule emails, text messages and social media posts.
More than 100,000 business executives have used the platform to date.