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A Birmingham-based digital marketing agency, which was launched by digital specialist Sam Hufton and celebrity illusionist and magician Ben Hanlin, is on course for a bumper first year.
Pull The Pin is expecting fees to hit more than £700,000 by the end of July after picking up a string of new wins.
Located on Newhall Street, the company has already created 15 jobs and has plans to take on four more as it expects to double the size of the business by 2023.
The firm has worked with the likes of PwC, Leon, IDEX Consulting, the English Golf Union, Mazars and The Mirror.
Hanlin said: “We've always talked about doing something together and then Covid-19 happened, which accelerated our thinking.
“Some people thought we were nuts starting a business during such difficult times, but it's something we had kicked around for long enough. The added increase in online use, and especially video, meant it just felt like the right time and the right opportunity.
“Sam is an unbelievable operator in the digital space and very well known throughout the sector, whilst my job meant I was used to creating lots of content that gets millions of organic views.
“All of my bookings and tours vanished overnight, so I started to focus on building a massive online following and thought 'why don’t we help companies to do just that'? – especially those that may not have the in-house capability or are wasting thousands of pounds on polished content that few people view.”
Hufton, who has previously held senior roles at M3 Agency and Found, added: “We want to attract the best talent and the best creative minds, so we have to reflect this in our working environment and the culture we are trying to build.
“The plan is working, and we've been able to recruit outstanding specialists in digital marketing, web, SEO, content creation, paid for social and video production, whether it is polished films or more ‘in the moment’ footage.
“What this means is that we deliver what we promise, and this is seeing us win high profile accounts and attract growing businesses who are looking for innovative ways to connect with their audiences.”
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