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Watch episode 3 above, catch up on episode 1 and episode 2, or watch the fourth and final episode of Season 2 now.
Too often for small businesses, a lack of resources or having the wrong e-commerce strategy in place can be detrimental to success – but with the right know-how and access to digital tools, small businesses have an opportunity to set themselves up for a brighter digital future.?
Equipped with a solid understanding of the challenges two small businesses want to address, episode three of ‘The Digital Makeover’ takes viewers through the creative process the industry contributor teams have gone through and the thinking behind what they propose to do to help Caurnie Soaperie and Grand Tea and Imports improve their business.?
From decisions to proposals and strategies, the business owners learn how to set up the right e-commerce strategy and how tools like Facebook Ads, Instagram and video can support small businesses on their path to a digital future.
“There’s always new tools available in marketing land – that’s why it’s so fun, you’re always learning! Facebook shops just launched a new e-commerce product for example, and ensuring your website is connected to platforms like Shopify or ensuring your Google Tags are in place. It’s really about getting back to basics.” – Wes Morton, chief executive officer & founder, Creativ Strategies
This is followed by the big reveal where our industry contributor teams present their proposals, highlighting how the changes would impact the business, along with reactions from the business owners on what this whole process has meant to them.?
“It’s great to hear ideas that capture the spirit of our family business in a positive way.” – Alice Liu, co-owner, Grand Tea & Imports

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