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Edgemesh, provider of an AI platform that delivers the fastest online web experience, announced a free upgrade to its Edgemesh Server product line that enables automatic dynamic rendering to increase search ranking. The new feature is available less than 30 days after the launch of Edgemesh Server, indicating that the new model for eCommerce performance is advancing faster than its complex headless counterparts.
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Dynamic rendering is a technical SEO practice suggested by Google in 2018 to increase index speed for modern JavaScript heavy websites. With dynamic rendering, Edgemesh customers now serve a pre-rendered and optimized static HTML version to bots while keeping highly interactive and client-side rendered versions for human customers. In a sense, dynamic rendering allows Edgemesh customers to deliver websites in the language bots understand best: easily indexable static HTML.
Although dynamic rendering has been available for years, the costs and complexities associated with it have reserved its use for large scale sites. With Edgemesh Server, customers now get automatic dynamic rendering across their entire site at zero cost.
“As advertising costs continue to increase, and competition heats up heading into the holiday shopping season – free, high quality organic traffic has never been more important,” said Jacob Loveless, CEO of Edgemesh. “Dynamic rendering, or SEO prerendering, was the top request we saw from customers. With this release, we help companies increase their search ranking by using the same model suggested by Google. Our cloud backend infrastructure, combined with our edge capability, made this an easy addition to the product line and we’re excited it’s now in customers’ hands.”
To support the new feature, Edgemesh Server offloads the site rendering process to a fleet of servers running at Google.
“We’re using the latest Google Chrome instances to pre-render every custom page, and optimize it specifically for search engines. Once the backend fleet completes the rendering, we then store the content at the edge network for faster retrieval by the search crawlers, social media engines and other bot-based systems on the fly. Customers don’t have to do a thing as the entire process is fully automated,” said Randy LeBeau, Edgemesh CTO.
Edgemesh Server’s Dynamic Rendering product benefits include:
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