10 Strong Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Yorkshire-based entrepreneur, Tim Whitworth, of private equity house TIM Group Holdings, has backed a new digital marketing start-up.
Created by young entrepreneur Chloe Byrne, “Audience” was conceived with the primary purpose of connecting smaller businesses with their target audiences.
Byrne said: “For many business owners, the day-to-day running of their business is already more than a full-time job.
“This leaves them with no spare time to focus on developing a digital marketing strategy. But to grow, it isn’t something they can afford to ignore.
“My passion is all about removing the myth that digital marketing for small businesses is a dark art. Instead, I want to set business owners on the right path to getting in front of their audiences and having their businesses found online.”
Chloe Byrne
Byrne, 25, was the head of marketing for one of the UK’s leading business brokers for several years.
Having worked with numerous small-to-medium enterprise owners, she realised the struggle many of these SMEs had in getting started with digital marketing or even having any sort of online presence through a website or social media.
As he has first-hand experience with businesses of this size and understands the barriers they face in accessing digital marketing, Whitworth supports Audience’s mission statement and values.
He said: “Given my personal background, and the existing group of businesses we are currently working with at TIM Group Holdings, working with Chloe and Audience made perfect sense for us.
“I’m looking forward to supporting Chloe and the team as they continue to grow and make waves in the digital market.”