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Google Ads seems to have launched a redesign for the campaign set up form/wizard. The new interface moves the steps from the top to the left hand side bar, and takes you through a new step by step process to set up your Google Ads campaigns.
Andrea Cruz was the first to notify me of this change on Twitter where she said “New Google Ads UI for setting up campaigns. You can move across the different creation sections with a panel on the left.”
Here is the new look (click to enlarge):
click for full size
Here is the old design (click to enlarge):
click for full size
It seems like advertisers are not fans of the new look. Here are some comments:

Without exaggerating it took me like 5 minutes and a few attempts to figure out how to add my keywords

I guarantee you are not alone pic.twitter.com/T076mt5QgC

They need to do something to cash their salary I guess
I guess change is hard to accept but I assume this change is not that huge and people will adapt?
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