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If you are new to GTA 5, then you must be wondering how you can become good at combat, as you need to perfect this particular skill in order to be good at the game.
Even if you are a little aware of melee fighting in real life, you must realise the importance of dodging. It is an important part of combat, as it minimises your chances of injuries.
So, if you want to improve your melee fighting skills in GTA 5, we have got you covered!
1.   Observe the movements of your opponent.
2.   Do not be the first one to charge.
3.   When you see the punch coming towards you, just press the Space button on your keyboard. This will help you successfully dodge the punch.
4.   After dodging the punch, you can press ‘R’ to punch your enemy. To lock in on your enemy, right click on your mouse and hold. Make sure that your counter attack is perfectly timed, and take your enemy by surprise.
You must know that if you are in a fight which involves firearms, then dodging will not help. At that time, you need to know how to crouch behind objects. Here is how you can crouch in GTA 5, using these 3 simple steps:
1.   In order to take cover behind an object, you need to find something behind which you can hide and then press ‘Q’ on your keyboard.
2.   Right click on your mouse to lock in on the location of your enemies and aim.
3.   Left click on your mouse to shoot. It is always wise to aim before shooting, even if it risks blowing your cover.
These are the two ways with which you can tackle your enemy and stay on top!