Pay-Per-Click Services @ TT Integrated Services

Pay-Per-Click Services (PPC), or paid search marketing is the quickest way to get your website to the top of the SERPs.

When people are looking for your type of business and because you pay per click, it is easy to control the budget.

Pay Per Click Services (PPC) Management

If you already have PPC accounts that you’d like our thoughts on, then you can request a PPC audit. Here’s how it works:

Every time one clicks your ad, sending a visitor to your website, you pay the search engine a small fee.

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That’s why it’s called “pay per click. When your PPC campaign is well-designed and running , that fee will be trivial.

Because the visit is worth more to your business than what you pay for it.

For example, if you pay $10 for a click, but the click results in a $300 sale, then using PPC is a no-brainer – pay-per-click marketing is good for everyone.

Advantages of PPC

Research indicates that a PPC is used more often than any other form of advertising.

It means that people don’t mind advert, if the products advertised actually fit their needs.

And because we use search engines when we’re looking for products, the results are relevant to what we’re looking for.

Plus, Google has developed an excellent formula for ensuring that PPC ads meet the user’s needs.

It’s good for search engines, PPC enables search engines to cater to searchers and advertisers .

Searchers comprise their user-base, while the advertisers provide them with their revenue stream.

Engines want to provide relevant results, while offering a targeted, revenue-driven advertising channel.

The unique advantage of PPC marketing is that Google don’t reward the highest bidders for that ad space.

They reward the highest-quality ads (meaning the ads that are most popular with users).

Google rewards good performance. The better your ads, the greater your click-through rates and the lower your costs.