Private Air Charter

Extraordinary people deserve an extraordinary difference

We’ve entered the new generation of private jet charter options in Abuja and services available on demand. You can now fly from any city in the world, on any size aircraft, on a per-trip basis, at a moments’ notice

Your uniqueness and individuality is valued at TT Integrated Services Ltd Abuja, as it is for the many extraordinary and successful people, world leaders, global VIP’s and celebrities who trust us to fly them by private and luxury jet around the world, every day.

Our aim is for you to experience the difference we deliver and how far we will go to ensure your journey with us is beyond expectation, wherever and whenever you choose to fly.

Our aircraft  charter services are next to none

Whether you are chartering a private jet for exclusive luxury or simply convenience, our world-class experts meticulously consider every detail of your journey with us, something you’d expect from a world leader in private jet charter. Speak to one of our private jet charter specialists today

Aircraft Charter

The difference between scheduled flights and a Private Jet Charter Abuja is clear to see: Flying between the right airports at the right times. Never missing a connection. Knowing that your privacy, comfort and security are all taken care of.

But what sets the best private air charter apart from the pack? For people who fly regularly , the answer is ‘everything’. Because every little detail is important. From engineering to catering; from flight planning to piloting the aircraft to its destination; we insist that everything is done just right.

And if you are considering chartering a private jet, you will find that very few measure up to our best. So for more information or to obtain an instant quotation, please contact us for a Private Jet Charter  in Abuja.