Empty Leg Charter Abuja

An empty leg charter, also known as an empty sector, is the repositioning portion of a private jet charter flight. A private jet empty leg comes about

when an aircraft needs to fly without any passengers, in order to reposition itself to the starting destination for its next customer.

Or to fly back to its home base. Just as a taxi would often need to do on the ground.

When we charter a private jet, some of them are one way only, so the aircraft flies back to its base airport or on to another location with no passengers.

These flights are called “empty flights”, these are opportunities that can save you up to 50% of the regular price.

Your private jet charter flight with TT aircraft charter services is a uniquely personal experience. Because no two journeys are ever the same and with preferred partners. TT aircraft charter has the capacity to fly you anywhere in the world.

Combining dedicated professionalism with a true passion for flying, we cater to all of your needs with the utmost confidentiality, absolute safety, and exceptional quality, and help you substantially reduce your travel time.

Empty leg flights will have a pre-determined aircraft type, departure date and time, and destination. The details of an empty leg flight generally will not be released until a few days before it is due to depart.

Other names for private empty leg flights include ‘dead legs’, ‘empty sectors’ or ‘one-way transients’. Essentially, these are all the same type of flight