Air Cargo Charters Abuja

We are the first choice for air cargo charter flights to deliver relief goods and humanitarian aid worldwide. Whatever your requirements, our specialist humanitarian cargo charter team is ready to assist.

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Air cargo transport is the transfer of any type of product from one point to another in the world by air.The plane used in these cases have a wider fuselage than the passengers which increases their capacity…
Cargo charters are one of the most quickest and most effective ways of transporting heavy freight.
Whether it is pharmaceutical cargo, supply chain or humanitarian aid we are able to deliver because our services are next to none. We are experienced in quickly and effectively delivering humanitarian aid to the places,  like high value perishable goods. These kind of goods require charters, as delays associated with scheduled airlines could be very costly.

Advantages of cargo air transport

Speed – It allows you to reach any point in the world in just a few hours. Flexibility – Flexible schedules and dates that allow any merchandise to reach its destination… Loading capacity – cargo is more limited than in the case of maritime transport’ Accessibility. The plane makes it possible to reach hidden places, where other means of transport are not able to reach. Cargo – It is the ideal way to transport perishable, fragile or high value merchandise.

Disadvantages of cargo air transport

High cost – It is more expensive than other means of transport. Law – Legal restrictions that must is also a factor depending on the different countries of destination of the merchandise. Carriage restrictions – Although the charge is wide it is not infinite.
So in these emergency situations, which often present the greatest logistical challenges of all, our specialist expertise and global connections are vital to the smooth running of relief operations.

So the air cargo charters we arrange ensure that all your shipments reach their final destination on budget and on schedule.

One of our charter experts is able to assist you on the ground to make sure that all aspects of your cargo charter run smoothly.