LinkedIn is introducing a new feature called Articles For Pages that will allow companies to publish long-form content.
LinkedIn’s new Articles For Pages gives companies the ability to publish long-form content for the first time, rather than being restricted by a character count.
In addition, company pages are getting a new way to produce live content, and new campaign options in LinkedIn Ads.
LinkedIn is rolling out three new features in total:
Here’s more about each of them.
LinkedIn users have long been able to publish longer content from their personal accounts.
Company pages, on the other hand, have been restricted by an arbitrary character count.
That’s no longer the case with LinkedIn’s new Articles For Pages initiative, which allows companies to compose and publish blog-style content of any length.
Articles For Pages also provides detailed audience insights, including the firmographics of people reading and interacting with the content.
The best part for pages that are familiar with publishing on LinkedIn — you can follow the same process. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how you can publish articles as your page.
First, access your page’s ‘Super’ or ‘Content’ admin view. Then, under the Start a post prompt, click Write article.
LinkedIn is making its “Scheduled LinkedIn Live” and “LinkedIn Events” products work better together to help pages achieve greater reach and engagement.
An all-new product is being introduced called LinkedIn Live Events, which combines livestreaming with event planning.
The simplified experience allows companies to:
LinkedIn is rolling out additional updates to Live Events to make the feature accessible and easy to use.
The additional updates include:
Three updates to LinkedIn Ads will help companies work toward their brand building goals and measure results.
This new feature allows companies to measure the impact of LinkedIn Ads on their brand by taking a baseline of their brand’s perception,
The impact of the ads on a company’s brand will tested against the key metrics discovered in the baseline report.
Companies can now optimize LinkedIn Ads for distribution to a defined number of unique member accounts.
This will help ensure the ads are shown to new and relevant audiences, rather than being shown to the same users over and over again.
View the predicted reach and frequency for brand awareness campaigns within the forecasting fool, and measure results in the Campaign Manager reporting.
Source: LinkedIn Pulse
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