Here is a new myth, that says Google requires 30-60 days for it to discover, index and then use new backlinks it finds for your web site. That is not true, Google can do all of that within minutes and hours.
Someone said “Google takes 30 to 60 days for index the backlink.” John Mueller of Google said not true, he said “that’s not the case.”
Here are those tweets:

That's not the case.

Depending on many factors, we may crawl & index content within minutes. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. There's no fixed "30-60 days".
I suspect this came from the old days, when Google use to do Google Dances. Back then, everything had to wait from 30-60 days but that was back in 2003 and earlier.
So no worries, if you get a solid link from a solid site, Google can likely pick that up much sooner than two months.
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