10 Strong Benefits of SEO for Your Business

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Hand Painted Social Icons

You know the drill, bloggers. You have so much going on, with Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter that you include the links. But, then your cool and artsy website looks all buttoned up and corporate. So how do you leave breadcrumbs to your social media empire without letting your website be overrun by logos? We have just the solution, thanks to a very cool artist.

For just $8 you can use the images on
your site, then watch your mood change dramatically. I’m thinking it’s kind of like
what Warhol did for soup. -Eva
[via design for mankind]
LA mama Eva Glettner is a lover of street art, skateboarding, coffee + pop culture, documenting all of the above fervishly on the @skatemamas Instagram feed. She has contributed to sites like Cool Hunting, LA Magazine, and…Cool Mom Picks, of course.
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