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Remote-first eCommerce marketing agency LION Digital is the latest to attain the very exclusive Digital Marketing Partner status with Shopify Plus.
For over a decade Shopify has been making commerce better for everyone by reducing barriers to business ownership and offering a suite of services, including payments, marketing, inventory management and customer engagement tools to help brands scale. The Shopify Plus Partners program recognises agencies that combine world-class industry and platform expertise and specialise in solutions to help e?ommerce and retail brands grow. 
LION Digital has been recognised for its long-term partnership with Shopify, successfully applying the Shopify platform’s best practices and generating online growth for brands like Ledlenser, OneWorld Collection, Nutrition Warehouse, and Havaianas, to name a few. 
Leo Comino, CEO and founder of LION Digital echoed the team’s excitement in officially joining the Plus roster, “We have been working alongside the Shopify Plus team for a long time and are excited to take our relationship to the next level as Digital Marketing Partners”.
LION stands for leaders in our niche, the agency standouts by hiring leaders with over a decade of eCommerce channel experience who recognise success comes from cross-channel cohesion. Having bolstered the senior leadership team with the recent appointments of Clare Graham as head of paid media, joining from Dentsu’s iProspect, and Stelios Moudakis as general manager from Omnicom’s resolution digital, the team is well poised to deliver on its vision to drive performance and provide exceptional client experience.
Leo Comino noted of their appointments “we are very proud of our growth over the past two years and the strategic hires of Clare and Stelios will ensure our product and cohesive client experience offering reaches new heights and reinforces our commitment to being true partners of our clients and tech partners”.
LION provides digital strategy, SEO, Paid Media, Email & Social services for some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the globe. Find out more about LION Digital on their website –
Independent strategic marketing management company Trinity P3 is now asking agencies to sign a statutory declaration on harassment policies. Now agencies that join Trinity P3 on pitches will be asked to sign a legal document. It’s a move that comes as adland is still trying to shed its old boys’ club image and be known […]
Being the richest man on the planet is not without its dramas as Elon’s spate of recent bad news continues apace.
Sadly, we’ve only got Nick Kyrgios & Paul Hogan to make Americans think we’re a nation of bogans after MAFS gets axed.
Ad spends down slightly but no reason to panic says latest SMI data. The time for panic is after tomorrow’s rate rise.
by B&T Magazine
Jim Curtis vows to bring the pizzazz back to Clems creative. Last seen looking for Graham in the downstairs storeroom.
MasterChef’s not only a stalwart of Aussie TV, it’s completely legitimised having a breakdown while making béchamel.
Barry Crocker clearly looking for new income streams as revenue from the Neighbours theme song dries up.
No comment yet on whether they’re going to start removing all those videos of girls with cat ears dancing seductively.
Often tell younger colleagues that the “music was better in my day”? Confirm it was the drugs with this e-inspired work.
by B&T Magazine
Sponsors still flocking to our racer Dan and that’s despite him rarely bothering to finish an actual race these days.
New study reveals that just because nobody watches the A-League, it’s not to say soccer’s lost any of its shine.
Here’s some top work that gets to the heart of a truly heinous and baffling ruling.
One of the great joys of flying is relaxing in the Qantas Lounge. The actual flight still unequivocally horrible.
Following a competitive pitch, performance agency Alley Group has been appointed by leading global sporting apparel and equipment brands Wilson and Salomon to drive growth across Australia and New Zealand. Alley, which is part of Australia’s largest independent media agency group, Nunn Media, will manage all performance media strategy, planning and execution to drive new […]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught us it’s not easy being green, but More Green Energy is here to change that.
Wollongong hosting a massive cycling event is like your kid brother inviting you to a wine tasting: just plain weird.
Sydney-based global media consultancy and technology business Audience Precision today unveiled its proprietary end-to-end technology platform Precise360, a single source of truth underpinned by consumer behavioural data that provides a full media strategy guidance system, enhances the entire marketing process, improves agency efficiency, and which can be applied globally. Audience Precision has spent the past […]
Latest XXXX ad imagines a world with no beer! For starters it would be the end of the mullet and the pogo dance.
Just like in a real inspection, you can use the Zoom chat to ask questions you prepared in the car to sound smart.
Despite dressing, taking & acting the same as his deceased father, Bob Irwin throws off “clone” reputation in mag shoot.
Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital-out-of-home (DOOH), today announced the appointment of Sandra Scott as its new sales and partnership director for New Zealand. Starting in July, Sandra (pictured above) will lead demand-side operations for Vistar Media in New Zealand, helping to support the rapid growth of the DOOH category. Reporting […]
NOVA Entertainment announced the launch of a new unfiltered podcast, hosted by mates Brooke Blurton and Matty Mills, that is definitely Not So PG. Launching on Tuesday 5 July, each week Brooke and Matty (both pictured above, on the right and left respectively) will deliver an unfiltered version of their worlds and experiences as part […]
If Top Gun and Kate Bush weren’t proof enough, The Wiggles prove we appear to be living in some weird time vortex.
WhiteGREY snares Olivia Kaufman for managing partner role who then goes decidedly white/grey for press photo.
Meanwhile, we’re saying goodbye to the city of Brisbane as a whole as we emotionally prepare for State of Origin III.
In this opinion piece, Patrick Sim, senior vice president for the APAC and MEA regions at Epsilon (pictured above), talks about ways companies can go about building lasting relationships with their clients. If there’s one thing that companies have learnt from the pandemic is the importance of keeping customers happy and having them continuously come […]
Everyone’s CFO says the exact same thing after he finally finishes shredding tax documents.
The temptation to make a gold digger joke here is strong, but thankfully we aren’t witty enough to think of one.
Think your better then everyone? But, it’s awkward to bring up in meetings! We have the outlet for you.
In exchange for helping bassike reach B Corp, TGA expects free invites to the inevitable party celebrating the status.
It’s very challenging to take Enero group seriously when their ASX tag is literally just ‘EGG’.
Imagine not wanting to show a full season of cricket where each game can easily go on for around four hours!
The study makes no mention of how many times you can drunk dial a customer before they start blocking your number.
With Sales signing off, Tracey Grimshaw might now be the offical Queen of blazers and looking slightly concerned.
Revolut appears to have gotten most of the way through revolution and then given up right at the conclusion.
If your management style is modelled after Cruella de Vil. You can keep your coats, but you should try being nicer.
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