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September 10
Michael Potuck
– Sep. 10th 2021 10:48 am PT

The official ruling from the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit in the US has been delivered today and one of Epic’s partners in the Coalition for App Fairness has shared its official statement on the matter. While Spotify is “pleased” with Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ verdict when it comes to anti-competitive practices used by Apple, the streaming audio service says more legislation aimed at Apple “has never been more urgent.”

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Spotify’s Head of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer Horacio Gutierrez shared an official statement shortly after the ruling:
We are pleased with Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ finding that Apple engaged in anti-competitive conduct and has permanently prohibited their anti-steering provisions. This and other developments around the world show that there is strong need and momentum for legislation to address these and many other unfair practices, which are designed to hurt competition and consumers. This task has never been more urgent.
The statement comes after Gutierrez and Spotify’s CEO recently gave some positive feedback in response to recent App Store changes while also saying they weren’t enough:
If you’re still catching up on everything that’s happened, Apple won 9 out of 10 rulings but lost a major one in that it will have to allow developers to send customers to alternate payment systems.
However, Apple won’t necessarily have to allow Epic’s Fortnite back on its App Store.
For its part, Epic isn’t pleased with the rulings and has announced it will appeal the case:
Meanwhile, Apple has held a briefing detailing its take on the case’s rulings, calling it overall “a huge win for Apple” and a “resounding victory.”
Katherine Adams, Apple’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel: “We are very pleased with the court’s ruling and we consider this a huge win for Apple.”
— Chance Miller (@ChanceHMiller) September 10, 2021

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