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Santosh Sapkota is a famous Singer, songwriter and Digital Entrepreneur. He established a digital marketing agency called ‘SS Digital Technocare’ in the year 2021.
Published: 21 Sep 2021, Updated: 21 Sep 2021 2:23 pm
Digital Marketing is an essential part of the Internet world and its fame. It is we established that to survive in the Digital Space, you must have a positive reputation. However, not everyone is aware of how to do it. Santosh Sapkota is one of the few who knows the magic of digital marketing.
Santosh Sapkota is a famous Singer, songwriter and Digital Entrepreneur. He established a digital marketing agency called ‘SS Digital Technocare’ in the year 2021. The company is known for its primary service of celebrity management. The company manages Social Media handles of well-known celebrities as Pashupati Sharma, Arjun Sapkota, Devi Gharti Magar, Jaya Devkota, Raju Dhakal, Shirish Devkota, Kushal Bhurtel, Hemant Sharma, Bimal Adhikari and even more.
 Santosh Sapkota started his journey in music digitally by managing the social media handles of multiple celebrities.  His passion for music encouraged him to step into the field of singing and songwriting. Sapkota says one of his biggest supporters and motivators in his career is his brother Arjun Sapkota. Arjun himself is very popular in music who have already recorded more than two dozen songs till now, and most of them are loved by his audience and has hit millions on YouTube. Arjun supported Santosh and guided him during his initial days.
Santosh understands the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario. He says that as we are shifting to a technology-dependent era, it has become more than a need to have a good online presence. People believe in social media more than the person himself. Moreover, digital marketing plays a vital role in business as well. A positive presence will eventually help you to reach your target audience better and get more clients. Traditional Marketing is a weapon to get more reach and promote yourself. He says that marketing has become easier with the digital aspects. It is affordable and has more impact than the traditional methods. He states that digital marketing is the most efficient and one of the cheapest options for small businesses and individuals to promote themselves.
He says that we started his venture, many did not encourage him. They said that amidst the pandemic, ventures like these have fewer chances to survive. However, Santosh knew that the time was right as the whole world was stuck, and the only means to survive was the Internet. It has become a part of our daily lives, from education to profession; we need the Internet. So, it will be only wise to use the opportunity and help others achieve what they are lacking. He believes that we must trust our skills and polish them to reach greater heights. There will always be someone who will not agree with your ways and practices, but that does not mean you are wrong or incapable. Most of the time, people do not understand your dreams and ideas. Hence, it is best to nurture your dreams and execute them. You will face failures but do not let them break you. They are just a stepping stone.
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