10 Strong Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Improve your website’s performance with these Android apps to check your traffic, find keywords, and a whole lot more.
Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become necessary to increase your website traffic and visibility to your audience. To work on the SEO of your website or content, you usually need a proper workstation and a work environment that is not always accessible.
Nowadays, many apps are available on Android to help you understand and improve your site's SEO. These apps allow you to analyze your content and offer valuable tips to follow the best practices essential for better search engine rankings.
So, here is a list of seven handpicked SEO apps out of the many available on Google Play.
Before you take steps to improve your SEO, you need a service to measure the results of those steps. Google Analytics is among the top analytics services around. Moreover, it has a great Android app and is free to use.
Google Analytics app helps you monitor all of your analytics properties on your Android phone. You can use it to analyze data in real-time, check key metrics in built-in reports, compare date ranges, and apply segments.
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All this data can be a bit overwhelming at first, and there is definitely a steep learning curve here. But, considering the usefulness of the information it provides, it is worth learning.
Download: Google Analytics (Free)
SEO Check allows you to audit and assess your website's on-site SEO. It offers various features that check things like meta-information, page quality, headings, inbound links, external factors, and server configurations of your website.
Once you enter your website into the app, the quality of your content is analyzed. The best thing about this app is that it thoroughly points out wherever you have not followed SEO guidelines and provides you with tips for making the content SEO-friendly.
It offers additional SEO tools like a keyword checker, backlink checker, and ranking checker, which give you all the related information using the same app, saving time and effort.
Download: SEO Check (Free)
SEO SERP mojo provides an analysis of your website based on SEO principles. You can track an unlimited number of URLs and keywords with this tool. It also lets you view a complete ranking history for all the tracked keywords.
After you have installed the app, you get fresh rank updates every morning. The app is free to use, and there are no limitations or ads. It also has a paid Pro feature that analyzes your data in the background and provides you auto-updates about rankings without even opening the app.
It gives an additional insight into your ranking positions gained and lost based on keywords.
Download: SEO SERP mojo (Free, in-app purchases available)
Keyword Planner has several helpful features for analyzing your website. It evaluates traffic referrals from your social media apps, indexed pages, and headers, as well as your website loading speed.
It allows you to search the potential traffic and Cost Per Click (CPC) of a specific keyword along with suggestions, check your search engine position, find your competitors, analyze the internal and external links of a website, and much more.
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You just have to install this app, and it will generate free tags to help you optimize your website according to SEO standards. It also provides you with insightful information about backlinks.
There are loads of features in this app, but you have to go past a lot of ads to reach that information.
Download: Keyword Planner (Free)
ranKED automates SEO tasks by analyzing your website's chosen keywords and their corresponding rankings across many search engines and areas. It allows you to design SEO plans and better target your audience and visitors.
ranKED is a one-stop source for all SEO requirements. It's a multi-platform tool that maintains track of your domain's ranks automatically. The platform assesses the performance of your existing SEO strategies and improves them based on keywords, rank history, and analysis.
It has two versions. The basic version is available for a seven-day free trial and allows ten keywords, one domain, and a few other features. The premium version offers various plans based on the amount paid. You can test a maximum of 1000 keywords and unlimited domains.
Download: ranKED (Subscription required, free trial available)
This app critically analyzes your web data and devises an effective SEO-based marketing strategy that can help you grab organic viewers for your website. SE Ranking Pro performs a complete evaluation of your site automatically once a week.
The Website Audit feature scans all the pages of your site for mistakes. It then collects those mistakes and shows them in a simple dashboard, highlighting concerns based on their sensitivity.
After that, it formulates a strategic marketing plan and offers you an update on where your keyword ranking stands currently. According to the reviews, if you have any queries, its team replies quickly.
Download: SE Ranking Pro (Free, in-app purchases available)
This app is a simple yet useful tool that allows website owners, digital marketers, and SEO specialists to test their websites for free, and identify on-page SEO concerns.
The developers have added several SEO checks like a keyword checker, SEO compare, ranking checker, and backlink checker to see what you might have overlooked on your way to improving your website.
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You can even compare your website to that of your competitors and make changes as needed. In the most recent version, a broken link checker has been introduced. This function checks all of your web page's hyperlinks, graphics, and script/link tags for broken links.
Download: SEO Checker (Free)
There is no magical trick to boost your website's search engine ranking, and the apps mentioned above are no different. But these apps do save you time and effort and generate actionable reports to help you improve the ranking of your website.
These Android apps are among the finest at what they do. You can easily choose the one which you like and make your SEO journey easy. These apps can make your Android phone an SEO hub that will allow you to work on your website's engagement without using your PC or laptop.
Ever wondered what a SEO specialist does? Now is the time to find out and perhaps start on the path to becoming an SEO specialist.
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