He is a man who has achieved a respectful position as a guitarist in the music industry and becoming more popular each day by his great songs and guitar plays.
Physically, Virat Kohli doesn’t appear to be struggling, but as it often happens when you are out of form, the first mistake you make tends to be your last.
Former Team India captain Mohammad Azharuddin, a veteran of 99 test matches, says ups and downs are common in cricket, stressing that age is not a factor for team selection, as long as Virat Kohli is fit enough for the upcoming T20 World Cup
The BJP calls him a rank opportunist, but Nitish Kumar looks undeterred, as speculations about him being a challenger to PM Narendra Modi for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls fly thick and fast
Virat Kohli, India’s biggest batting hope, is undergoing the longest drought in his career. How can he return among runs before the crucial T20 World Cup in Australia later this year?

Updated: 25 Aug 2022 3:37 pm
Every one of us has some extraordinary dreams at one phase of life, but only a few of us achieve them. One such dreamer and achiever is V Play Music, also known as Virender Kumar.
He is a man who has achieved a respectful position as a guitarist in the music industry and becoming more popular each day by his great songs and guitar plays.
There is a lot to know about this motivating guy, so let’s dive into details.
How Was The Early Life?
Born on 18 Sept 1995, Virender had a very normal and decent childhood in Delhi. He had a keen interest in music at a very young age. He joined the Delhi School of music for in-depth learning and started playing the guitar in 2013, and by the next year he started working professionally on devotional songs for around two years.
During those two years, he built up a good network within the music industry, and as a result, he got connected with “SANKRAMAN”, a Delhi-based band. 
Role of Music in His Life
He starts and ends each day with music. He is quite grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about music. His music has helped him become everything that he is now.
He learned a lot through music, which also explains why he has a calm disposition, a strong sense of self-discipline, and other positive traits.
What Kind of Music Does He love To Create & Enjoy?
Although most of the music is hard rock, soul rock or alternative rock, each song conveys a different mood or feeling. For example, one song has a pop vibe but incorporates Latin drum beats, making it sound like a pop-rock; some tracks are heavy thrash metal, and some have a very alternative solely rock vibe. 
You'll find various genres of music, including metal and cheerful, passionate and upbeat tunes.
His Latest Release
He recently made the debut of his brand-new tune, "A Place In My Dreams." V Play Music says, "The song has undeniably very upbeat and calm vibes. It cultivates such a lucid atmosphere that you can practically sense yourself briefly slipping into a state of dreaminess. 
He gave it the moniker "A Place In My Dreams" for this reason. V Play Music claims that as he was writing the song, the same thing occurred to him. That is the tale behind the song's eponymous origin.
About Album “Guitar on Vocals”
The idea behind “Guitar on Vocal” was pretty straightforward. He wanted to create music everyone could relate to and enjoy without needing vocals.
So, to unite everyone with just the help of music via guitar strings, “Guitar on Vocals” was created.
To Reach out, visit VPlayMusic Official Instagram(Backlink- https://instagram.com/vplaymusic?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=) handle.

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