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If the fact ever dawned upon you that you don’t know a certain basic life skill, such as how to tie a tie or cook an omelette, you might have visited a certain website called WikiHow. It’s a helpful resource when it comes to the most random of life hacks and almost every aspect of the life of a normal human being.
However, in the midst of it all lies a rabbit hole where all the absurdity resides. Because of this, a WikiHow binge can be similar to a YouTube one. You might start with tips on how to clean your bathroom, and before you know it you’ll end up initiating black magic rituals on your siblings from another article.
WikiHow demonstrates self-awareness, to some extent, with a sister website called WikiHow Fun, where it provides sincere advice for our hilarious and mischievous ideas. How fun, right? You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to annoy your neighbour or act like an anime character. Yet, the main website takes the cake when it comes to sheer weirdness. The following are some examples.
How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs
Yes, it’s apparently possible. First of all, who on earth would go to this length to learn this mathematical constant? And why learn how to calculate pi when you can just memorise up to two or three decimal places? The only scenario I can imagine a Math teacher using this method is when the classroom is in a kitchen without any whiteboard nearby.
How to Not Be a Cry Baby
This guide is tailor made for those children at restaurants who cry and scream for no reason while their parents fail miserably at calming them down. Only if they could read. In all seriousness, this guide can come in handy if you’re actually having trouble with emotional outbursts. Check yourself.
How to Be Okay With Having a Communist Friend
Who hasn’t gone through this? Some people might not know who their true parents are, but every single one of us can name at least one communist friend. The one who always carries a copy of Das Kapital and knows the lyrics of “The Internationale” by heart – you know who it is. Jokes aside, the main takeaways from this guide can be applied to any friendship with different ideological beliefs or interests. The main goal is tolerance and understanding, two things that will take anyone far in life.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the silliness that abounds in this corner of the Internet. During these trying times, if you’re feeling bored, have a laugh reading some of these. On the upside, you might actually learn something.
Adhora Ahmed daydreams too much. Send her reality checks at adhora.ahmed@gmail.com
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