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by Jenny Darmody
1 day ago
The development of the internet is quickly creating new job opportunities with their own set of in-demand skills. Here’s what you need to know.
Web 3.0 is considered to be the newest iteration of the internet based on blockchain technology and the idea of a decentralised web.
The concept has come to the fore in the technology industry in recent years with the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Elkstone’s Barry Brennan recently told SiliconRepublic.com that Ireland is making a mark in the world of Web 3.0 and crypto with the Launchpool TechStars Web 3.0 Accelerator and the work of Blockchain Ireland.
What all this means is that job opportunities in this emerging area will grow.
At the end of 2021, US blockchain software company ConsenSys announced plans to create 400 jobs across its global locations, while payments company Stripe has been assembling a dedicated cryptocurrency engineering team and Fidelity is growing its digital assets business in Ireland.
The constant evolution of tech in this space means certain skills will become important for Web 3.0 roles.
Digital marketing agency Higher Visibility recently analysed companies recruiting for Web 3.0 jobs and the skills they were looking for to fill these positions.
With senior software engineer listed as the top Web 3.0 role, developer skills were unsurprisingly the most important technical skill according to Higher Visibility’s data. This was followed by JavaScript, marketing skills and blockchain skills.
While knowledge of JavaScript and blockchain may be unsurprising entries, Higher Visibility surmised that marketing comes in as a key skill for companies hiring in this space to help them “be successful in a competitive market”.
While data science skills didn’t break the top 10 in Higher Visibility’s analysis, coming in at number 14, it’s safe to say that this will also be a critical skill as Web 3.0 jobs become more common.
In a Medium blog from online learning platform Excelsior, Web 3.0 is described as a way to improve data acquisition, analysis and visualisation by promoting new technologies. “This will undoubtedly positively impact data science and could make it easier for non-technical people to access and use it,” it said. With this in mind, those with data science skills will likely play a critical role in the future of the web.
Because it’s an emerging field, those interested in moving into the Web 3.0 space will need to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. An understanding of blockchain and decentralised finance will help give you a strong foundation while continuously upskilling in technology.
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