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What does SEO cost per month

How Much Does SEO – The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included. Most SEO projects cost between $650- $1,800 per month based on the scope of the project.

A one-time project will range between $4,000- $25,000 and hourly rates for consultants fall between $ 75- $ 150 per hour.

According to Google 89% of B2B researchers use the Internet during the B2B research process. This places Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services as an extremely valuable investment in the growth of your business…

What happens if researchers can’t find your brand online among your competitors? your brand won’t make it onto a list that gets passed onto the people that matter.

Best SEO Practices

SEO has evolved to become a comprehensive approach of sensible user focused practices. A lot of people immediately focus on keywords and backlinks when optimising sites for search engines instead of their customers…

While these elements are important there is a lot more that goes into a strong and successful SEO strategy.

While search engines do not reveal all the factors that go into their algorithms they do publish guidelines and best practices… Once we have a solid understanding of how you measure up with search engines one can then begin to developing your custom strategy for on going monthly SEO services…