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Good morning, Marketers, and how important is content to SEO?
What about site architecture? Would you say reputation is a critical factor to Google? How about user experience? If you have opinions on how important certain elements are to SEO, we’re asking you to have them counted.
Take 10 minutes (or less if you’re Barry, who sped through it in 5) to send along your thoughts in Search Engine Land’s 2021 SEO Periodic Table survey. The survey has 9 quick parts where you’ll rate individual factors on a scale of 1 to 5: 1 being not important to SEO at all and 5 being very important to SEO. 
You’ll go through the on-page and off-page sections as well as our toxin list. Toxins are elements that detract from your SEO. Make sure to pay attention to the grading scale–because it differs for the toxins section.
We’ve also added 3 new SEO niches: local, news/publishing, and ecommerce. Let us know what factors you think are critical in these 3 new areas in the last sections of this survey. Can’t wait to see what you think!
Carolyn Lyden,
Search Engine Land
Onboarding a new PPC specialist? Or maybe you’re in SEO and want to learn the basics of PPC? Perhaps you’re an expert and just want to see what’s new? Regardless, we’ve just launched our updated PPC Guide. This comprehensive guide starts off explaining what is PPC and deep-dives into the details from there. We cover the following (and more!): 
Bookmark it in case you want some light reading 😉 or for your next new employee!
Read the guide.
The MarTech Conference, MarTech Today and Marketing Land have been chronicling the impact of technology on marketing transformation for more than 10 years. It’s with that perspective that we even launched a bold new tagline for the conference in 2019 — MarTech is marketing — that emphasized that technology is integral to marketing. 
Today, we are taking the next step. Combining Marketing Land and MarTech Today into a single content experience called MarTech, connecting the content, thought leadership and event-based education like never before.
Read more about our big launch here.
If you’ve tried advertising on Reddit, you know it’s much different than other platforms. The best Reddit marketers already understand the subs they’re targeting and are likely members and participants already. You can’t just hop in and self-promote without being on the receiving end of a slew of downvotes. To help advertisers understand the differences between Reddit and other social networks, the company just launched KarmaLab — Reddit’s “first in-house creative strategy agency dedicated to setting brands up for long-term success.”
Some of the examples in the announcement highlight how KarmaLab uses the unique nomenclature and culture of Reddit and the subs to truly personalize ads that search marketers are placing there. In the example above, Samsung crowdsourced answers in r/explainlikeimfive (ELI5) to create this ad that also capitalizes on the unique humor of Redditors. It’s a smart move on Reddit’s part to help advertisers succeed in a distinctive advertising landscape.
Pennsylvania-based Storage Asset Management (SAM) manages storage facilities for third-party owners (SAM owns none of them). “We do everything, from operations and marketing to accounting, for a facility owner,” Melissa Stiles, VP of marketing and sales at SAM. “Basically, everything but file their income taxes.”
Focus on reviews and local SEO. Reviews help with local SEO, of course, but that’s not the only reason they’re important. “We know that about 50% of our customers have never used storage before,” said Stiles, “so people want to read the reviews before they choose their unit.”
“Google [My Business] released its messaging feature [for desktop] a few months ago,” said Stiles, “and we’re amazed by the amount of people that use it, and Google’s app isn’t great. When you’re managing this many pages, you see a notification and then have to figure out which page it came into. Reputation’s tool has been great at pulling that all together. We can see the metrics behind it too — how long was our response time, are we getting more customer service messages or sales, etc.”
Read more here.
Growth Marketing Manager @ Upraw Media (Amsterdam, remote)
SEO Strategist @ Houzz (remote)
Director of Content Marketing @ Talkdesk (remote)
Head of Demand Generation Climate Tech @ Sylvera (UK, remote)
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No, Google doesn’t read your email. “When you open Gmail, you’ll see ads that were selected to show you the most useful and relevant ads… We will not scan or read your Gmail messages to show you ads,” they said.
Reminder: Ad Exchange Buyer API sunset. “The Ad Exchange Buyer API is set to sunset by the end of Q2, 2021. We will begin the process of phasing the API out on June 1st, where a small percentage of API requests will begin to return an API error response that includes details about the impending sunset,” wrote Mark Saniscalchi, Authorized Buyers Developer Relations.
Yes, even small and medium businesses need content. “Customers look to your business as a solution to a problem. If you can’t show them why you’re the only solution, they’ll jump ship to your competitor who shows them better. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) need content to compete online – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” said Melissa Popp at Rickety Roo.
Pinterest often takes a backseat to other social media platforms when it comes to marketing and advertising, but as we’ve written recently Pinterest has been quietly beefing up its offerings and features for users and creators. Well, now they’re jumping on the live-stream bandwagon, too.
“The company is planning to host a three-day virtual event that will feature live-streamed sessions from top creators, including big names like Jonathan Van Ness and Rebecca Minkoff, among others. The virtual event will run inside the Pinterest app from May 24th through May 26th, and will serve as the company’s first public test of directly streaming creator content to its more than 475 million global users,” wrote Sarah Perez for TechCrunch.
Similar to Facebook or Instagram Lives, viewers will be able to interact and comment with creators during the events. Plus, a boon to retailers, there will be a shopping functionality involved where creators can tag products with Product Pins. This is Pinterest’s first foray into courting creators — and while it doesn’t yet offer the monetization that most other platforms do, it is making a space for influencers to partner with brands on the visual social app.
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