10 Strong Benefits of SEO for Your Business

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Whether you own and operate a business that’s been established for years or you’re thinking about starting up a new operation, there’s no doubt you want to be as successful as possible.
No matter the size or the industry, in order to achieve the success you desire and deserve, a business website is an absolute must. In the digital age, the vast majority of consumers rely on the internet to find whatever it is they’re looking for, so if you want to reach your targeted demographic, you need your business to be where a large percentage of your audience will find it: online. Get the best out of your online presence with a dedicated company for web design in Warrington.
When it comes to developing a website, there are endless tools available, but one stands above the rest: WordPress. Launched in 2003, WordPress, a Content Management Software (CMS) quickly gained traction and caught the attention of millions of business owners, including some of the best-known companies, like Etsy, Home Depot, Reuters, and even Mercedes-Benz. If these mega corporations are using WordPress to power their sites, then it’s definitely worth considering for your business, too. Read on to find out WordPress is the best CMS to use for your business web design.
What is WordPress? First, let’s explain what WordPress is. As mentioned above, it’s a Content Management Software (CMS). It’s kind of like what Microsoft Word is for documents, except WordPress is for web design. When it was first launched in 2003, it was merely a platform for blogging; however, over time, developers incorporated more and more features to it, and now it can be used to develop, edit, manage, organize, and publish websites. Fast forward more than 20 years and now, approximately 34% of all websites on the World Wide Web are powered by WordPress.
Why is WordPress the Best CMS for Business Web Design?
Now that you have a basic understanding about WordPress, including what it is and how it can be used, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most notable reasons why Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to power their sites, and why you should seriously consider using it, too.
It’s Free
There’s no doubt that caught your attention! Yes, WordPress is completely free to use. You can download, install, work on, and publish your website, and this CMS won’t charge you a penny. Whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up or you operate a well-established business, free is definitely a good thing. (Do note, however, that while the CMS is free, you will need to purchase domain name and web hosting to get your site up and running).
It’s Easy to Use
Of all the different CMS platforms out there, when it comes to ease of use, none can compare to WordPress. You don’t need any technical knowledge, you won’t have to read through any long and
confusing manuals, nor will you have to take any costly and time-consuming classes. All you have to do is install it onto your device and you can get to work. The features are incredibly user-friendly. If you know how to create and edit a document on WordPress, you’ll have no trouble using WordPress.
It’s Super-Versatile
WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms out there. With countless free and completely customizable website themes to choose from, you can create a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind website for your business. You can change the background, adjust the colours, add logos and images, create eye-catching sliders, and so much more. There are endless plugins to choose from, which are kind of like apps for your site, that can be used to incorporate advanced features, such as contact forms, analytics, and if you offer products, catalogs of the items you sell. The best part is that you can do all of this without having a lick of coding knowledge or experience.
It’s SEO-Friendly
Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are huge fans of WordPress. In fact, these popular search engines love the CMS so much that they have a tendency to rank sites that are powered by WordPress higher than those that aren’t. Why? Because the WordPress environment is so clean and simple, which makes it easy for search engines to index sites that are powered by this CMS into their SERPs (search engine results pages). WordPress is super SEO-friendly by design, but if you want to further optimise your site and its pages and increase your search engine rankings even more, you can download an SEO plugin, too. These days, an SEO-friendly website is expected and is a key principle of any good web design.
It’s Safe and Secure
Cybercrimes are running rampant, so protecting your site from potential cyber-threats is super-important. WordPress is one of the safest and most secure platforms available. With failsafe security standards, dozens of free plug-ins, built-in tools that detect and manage spam, foolproof authentication, and regular security and software updates, as well as malware scanning, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website will be safe and secure.