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Pay-Per-Click advertising is an effective way to get more eyes on your brand As customers spend more time online, businesses are starting to use social media and paid ads to…
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As customers spend more time online, businesses are starting to use social media and paid ads to create a high-impact marketing strategy. There’s just one problem: advertising is often expensive, especially for small businesses. To keep costs low and customer retention high, consider Pay-Per-Click advertising as a way to put your brand in front of millions of users.
 - SEO Services - Jet Charter Broker
PPC advertising is where a business pays a small fee when a user clicks on your ads. Typically, a company would use Google Ads to set up a campaign. Google Ads would then select the appropriate websites that offer a product similar to yours and place them throughout the site.
A business would have to sign up for Google Ads to receive payment from you and to have their website selected for your campaign. You can’t simply place your ads anywhere.
Businesses can create text-based, image-based, and video-based ads that will direct the user to your website or product when clicked. From there, they may purchase from your company.
Before discussing the benefits of running PPC ads, you must determine whether or not you have the capital for a marketing campaign in the first place. Mismanaging ad dollars can be scary for most small businesses, so it’s vital to stick to a strict advertising budget by utilizing a PPC budget pacing technique. 
Through PPC budget pacing, you can track and control the rate at which the campaigns spend. Digital marketers will have a better understanding of how to do this, but plenty of marketing newbies can use marketing software and experience to form an appropriate budget.
PPC advertising is incredibly effective for selling products. You should try out a pay-per-click advertising campaign for the following 10 reasons:
With over 70,000 Google searches happening each second, creating a pay-per-click marketing strategy becomes a no-brainer!
The headline is the first thing potential customers will see on your ad, and it’s a major determining factor for why they’ll click. PPC ads only allow 25 characters in the header, so you have to make it count. Always use relevant keywords for SEO purposes.
Make Multiple Ads and Test Them
Don’t just make one ad and call it a day. If you’re starting a new campaign, it’s better to make 3-4 variations of the same ad to see which gets the most clicks and retains more customers. An easy way to do this is to duplicate the headline but change the copy, or vice versa.
Focus on the Keywords
So important we have to mention it twice. You’ll need to include keywords in your copy to ensure that the searcher finds your ad in a Google search. Don’t stuff keywords because it will look unnatural and too salesy. All included keywords and synonyms will be bolded on Google search.
Search for Your Customers
It’s hard enough to get clicks on your ads as it is, but if you consistently get users that immediately leave your site, it will negatively affect your ROI. Qualify your customers by offering a discount for new customers, or state the price outright to ensure they’re willing to pay.
Don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end of your ads. A call to action will double the change a customer will stay on your website and buy your services or product.
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