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SEOGidi, a search engine marketing company, has announced it is launching operations entirely online. The company will embrace startup businesses and existing brands that want to improve their organic conversion.
SEOGidi founder, ‘Wole Oduwole describes the company’s emergence as the panacea to the rising records of failure among startup businesses in the African space.

According to Wole Oduwole:
“It is one thing to have a viable product, it’s another thing to bring it to those that actually need it. That is where demand meets supply. Unfortunately, many businesses feel they become automatically visible once they have created a solution to a common problem. I actually tested this belief and I can confirm many people are not even aware that there are some products that could solve their problems. Hence, the need to create a marketing edge that is based on users’ intentions. 
That justifies the gospel circulating the tech space that every startup should be led by at least a marketing professional at the executive level.
Investopedia listed bad marketing and lack of research as part of the top reasons Startups fail.
The idea of technology itself is to make work seamless for humans. You can imagine the internet with billions of users that direct every query to the search engine, your business will be missing out hugely if it is not well optimized for search visibility.  
At SEOGidi. we are out to explore companies in all available industries and we’re more passionate about being part of a business that we could scale from 1 to 100. 
Although there are many SEO companies out there, SEOGidi has a different approach that is industry-based with growth hacking techniques – the more reason we’re often referred to as the Startup SEO Company.
At SEOGidi, we’re not scared to start from scratch with you, as a matter of fact, we will love to start the journey from your market research.” 
SEOGidi is led by a team of professionals in different fields of search engine marketing. The team has the experience and skills to diagnose and fix all SEO-related issues with an online business.
The company offers free SEO audits and consultations to help businesses improve their online presence.
About SEOGidi
SEOGidi is a Search Engine Marketing company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We’re led by professionals in the digital marketing sector. Our focus areas are search engine advertising, search engine optimization, online reputation management and online marketing.
SEOGidi deals primarily in structured data, content marketing and auditing. We work with startups, brands, entrepreneurs and business owners to improve their organic reach through increased exposure on the search engine results.
With the focus to drive more app installations, conversions and click-through rates, SEOGidi’s team of professionals adopt dynamic SEO techniques staying up-to-date with search algorithms.
Media Contact
Company Name: SEOGidi
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Country: Nigeria
Website: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/seogidi

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